Jerusalem Projects: New Building Projects in Jerusalem

If you're looking for a brand new apartment in Jerusalem, we have some great projects for you! Each of the projects listed here have a number of apartments for sale to suit a wide range of budgets and needs. Click on the images to find out more information about the projects and to see what apartments are available in each.

New Projects in Jerusalem

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Walking around the holy city of Jerusalem, you will be shocked at just how much construction work is being done on the capital of Israel!

Native born Israelis, tourists and Olim are flocking to the capital to check out the new building projects in Jerusalem and we do not expect a downturn any time soon.

Jerusalem Projects

Almost all of the new building projects in Jerusalem are being produced by experienced developers with years of experience in putting together new developments in our capital.

Many of these new building projects come with all of the amenities that you would expect of a new high-class apartment in Jerusalem.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the earlier you get into these new projects - both new builds and Tama 38's - the better the offer from the developer can be, compared to what will be on offer later down the line.

Demand vs supply for projects in Israel

Ultimately, as we have mentioned on this website and to many of our clients, the demand for Jerusalem real estate outstrips by some distance the supply.

This is despite the increasing Jerusalem construction which is clear to anyone who walks the streets here.

The demand compared to supply is also accentuated in Jerusalem but is also something we are seeing with regards to new construction projects in Israel, in general.


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New building projects in Jerusalem frequently asked questions

+Where can I find details about new building projects in Jerusalem?

You have come to the right page!


Here on the Jerusalem Projects page on we list all the new building projects in Jerusalem that are available for purchase.


Thanks to over a decade of experience in the Jerusalem real estate market; we have an extensive amount of Jerusalem Projects to view.

+What new building projects are available in Jerusalem right now?

All the projects contained on this page have either been recently built or are in the process.


Thanks to our contacts with developers and other agents in Jerusalem, we are up to speed with many of the projects that are either in the process of being built or will be imminently finished.

+How to find off plan apartments for sale in Jerusalem?

Buying off plan apartments is not for everyone, but this page has all the details you could need of what is available right now.

If you are looking for something specific, or don't find exactly what you are looking for here, please contact us and we will endeavour to help.

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