Ramot Neighborhood Guide


Ramot is a charming, suburban neighborhood comprised of 5 sub-neighborhoods.

The Ramot neighborhood was established in 1972 to thicken the area surrounding Jerusalem.

Ramot is positioned right off of the highway, providing an excellent location for commuters.

Ramot is home to a decent Anglo and religiously diverse population, including Dati Leumi, secular, and Yeshivish communities.

A Quiet, Peaceful Atmosphere

The literal meaning of Ramot is "plateau" - and is most commonly used by Jerusalem residents.

The full name of Ramot Alon, was named after Yigal Alon - an Israeli politician, commander of the Palmach and IDF general.

In Ramot, you can find a shopping center, community center, parks, synagogues, many schools, library, and fitness center.

Ramot: The Largest Neighborhood in Israel

Ramot offers a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, perfect for raising a family, with much more affordable housing than the center of the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

Ramot is the largest neighborhood in Israel, with over 55,000 residents.

Initially, Ramot was a secular neighborhood. In recent years it has absorbed a large ultra-orthodox population, which is now the majority.

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