Gilo Neighborhood Guide


Gilo is an Israeli settlement in south-western East Jerusalem.

This does not come without controversy, since there are many who would not describe Gilo as a "settlement".

Located in the Jerusalem Municipality, Gilo was built on land annexed by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War.

Israel disputes the description of Gilo as a settlement, and it functions like any other area in the Jerusalem Municipality.

Rapidly Growing

There are over 30,000 residents of Gilo and it is growing at a rapid rate.

This includes many Olim, from the Soviet Union in particular as well as from France and South America.

One of Gilo's most famous residents is Rami Levy, owner of the supermarket with the same name, that has established itself as one of the best value places to shop for groceries in the whole country.

Gilo: A Home for Everyone

Gilo contains religious, traditional and secular residents, in what is a predominantly Jewish neighbourhood.

It contains bus routes that can reach anywhere else in Jerusalem. Gilo is in easy reach of the Malha Mall and the wide range of shops found in Talpiyot.

Gilo features plenty of parks and outdoor areas to enjoy. Amongst the most popular is the JNF Park.

The Gilo neighbourhood also features great views and the architecture of the area has been compared to the Old City.

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