Nachlaot Neighborhood Guide


Nachlaot is a neighbourhood in a fantastic location.

To the west lies Gan Sacher, the north the shuk, to the east is Jerusalem’s city center and to the south, the high-end neighbourhood of Rechavia.

If that wasn’t enough, Nachlaot is within throwing distance of Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station which is also home to the high speed rail service to Tel Aviv, making this an ideal location for commuters.

Nachlaot Real Estate

The neighbourhood is characterised by small alleyways and closely packed buildings. Many of the streets in Nachlaot are actually pedestrian only or are in fact a set of steps connecting between larger roads.

This adds a lot of charm, but means that it’s not for everyone, especially if you have a car since parking can be difficult if your building doesn’t have its own parking spaces.

Property in Nachlaot is a real mixed bag. There are some very luxurious properties available here that the twisty nature of the alleyways and streets of the neighbourhood help to conceal. It’s often surprising when you enter one of these apartments, since it’s not at all obvious from the streets what is lying behind that front door.

There are also what we might in estate agent terms refer to as more affordable properties. These represent great opportunities, either just to live in the area, or for a renovation project.

With the fast train to Tel Aviv and the proximity to all the nearby amenities (see below re both), Nachlaot is on track to become a desirable neighbourhood for those looking to commute to Tel Aviv for work but want to live in Jerusalem.

Nachlaot also has a great rental market, with multiple types and sizes of properties available. It’s not unheard of for a group of sharers to take a 6 bedroom duplex apartment between themselves, and at the other end of the spectrum there are also a number of affordable studios and one bedroom apartments for those looking for something just for themselves.

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It is (as noted in the opening paragraph) extraordinarily well positioned for a number of amenities. The close proximity to the Machane Yehuda Market (known locally as the shuk) is a great benefit to many residents, both from the point of view of being able to purchase fresh produce daily at reasonable prices and from the point of view of an evening’s entertainment, with the shuk being home to many restaurants and bars.

Situated a short walk from Nachlaot, you will also find the Cinema City complex, home to a 19 screen cinema, multiple restaurants and bars, as well as some of the loudest interior decoration that you may ever see in your life!

The neighbourhood is also very close to Jerusalem’s city centre and the nightlife and entertainment options that are available there.

For a more cultural experience, the Gerard Behar Center on Betzalel Street, is a center focused on dance and theatre and art exhibitions and performances that has been used as such since 1983 when it was taken over by the Jerusalem Foundation.

Nachlaot’s residents are known in Jerusalem for being somewhat free-spirited types and as such, there are often impromptu gatherings and activities in the streets and courtyards of Nachlaot, that are mostly welcoming of curious strangers looking to join.

Parks and Outdoor Activities

One of, if not the largest, of Jerusalem’s parks is located across the road from Nachlaot’s Betzalel street. Gan Sacher has a large grassy area and is equipped with exercise parks and playgrounds. Also within the park are basketball courts, as well as the Kraft Family Stadium, which while modest compared to its American cousins, is home to Jerusalem’s ‘Big Blue’ American Football team.


With all the alleyways and narrow streets in Nachlaot, parking, while not impossible can be difficult as well as somewhat precarious if you’re worried about your car getting a dink or two. There are car parks close to and within the neighbourhood, but that’s going to cost you.

If you’re ok with using public transport, Nachlaot is right by the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, from where you can get almost anywhere in Israel. It also has a direct bus line to the airport, so no need to mess about with getting a Nesher (shared taxi) and all the headache that goes with that.

In the future, Nachlaot will benefit from the improved Light Rail network since it is already on the main Red Line that connects to the Central Bus Station, but more importantly for commuters, the high speed rail link to Tel Aviv that’s scheduled for completion in the next year or two will be departing from a new station being built opposite Binyanei Hauma - another short walk for the residents of Nachlaot.

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