Jerusalem Houses: A rare find

Whilst there will be many of you living outside of Israel dreaming of owning a house in Jerusalem, it is up to real estate agents here to be realistic.

The simple truth is that Jerusalem houses are rare and that buying one can be hugely expensive, even compared to the prices of properties in the city.

This is not the Five Towns or Teaneck, you will not go down a Jerusalem street and see a raft of houses in a row.

There are likely between 50 to 100 free standing houses in the German Colony and Baka, in total.

Nearly all Jerusalem residents, including all parts of the city, reside in apartments. These can be duplex and can be bigger than the average of around 90 to 100 metres, but houses here are a rare find.

Supply is seriously limited

So, we are in a situation where supply is extremely limited and demand is very high.

In addition, the price for a stand-alone house in Jerusalem is sure to set you back a significant amount. Even a stand-alone house which needs a lot of work, will set you back a pretty packet.

And, there is another angle that is worth taking into account here: The land the house sits on is hugely valuable, even if the property itself is run down and needs work.

Jerusalem Houses with a garden: Not simple to find!

In the areas we cover, including Katamon, Rehavia and Sha'arei Hesed, it is extremely difficult to find houses on the market. Often, if you do find such a house, the land around it will be small and there will not be a huge garden to take advantage of.

Adding to the supply problems is the fact that finding a stand-alone house with a significant garden is also tough to find.

A large number of stand-alone houses in Jerusalem will have already been knocked down to make room for flats, which developers are keen on, since this means they can sell more units.

This has happened in Mekor Haim, the German Colony and Greek Colony.

It is rare that a house would be renovated in Jerusalem and then sold again as a refurbished house. Many such Jerusalem houses would stay within families and then sold off to developers, who are effectively removing the house from the market, by turning them into apartments.

Why buying a Jerusalem house is so sought after

Nevertheless, you are buying a part of history and a property that will remain rare for your lifetime and beyond.

Ultimately, there is a general lack of supply for the demand for Jerusalem houses, both local and from outside the country for Jerusalem real estate in general.

Considering this is accentuated with so few houses available, it should become clear why Jerusalem houses are so sought after and at the higher levels of price too.

How to find a Jerusalem house

This page features all the Jerusalem houses we have available right now.

It will be pretty obvious that supply is usually very limited.

There are a few ways we can help with finding your dream house in Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem Houses for sale: Frequently Asked Questions

+How much does it cost to buy a house in Jerusalem?

Houses in Jerusalem are so rare that you should expect to spend a significant amount of money on any house that is for sale.


Due to the lack of supply, you can expect to pay a minimum of 8-10 million shekels for a Jerusalem house. From there, it can be anything upwards – depending on how big the house and land is and the area it is in.

+Can anyone buy a house in Jerusalem?

Anyone can buy a house in Jerusalem.


Bear in mind though that a foreigner has to pay a higher purchase tax than residential first time buyers.

+What is the average price of a house in Jerusalem?

All the available Jerusalem houses we have right now are featured on this page.


They are in the 10 million Shekel and upwards range.

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