The Importance of the First Chat With Your Realtor
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The First Chat With Your Realtor When

Looking For Your Dream Home

When you’re ready to embark on your house hunting journey, the very first step is to reach out to a broker; what happens next is either going to make or break the rest of your experience.

It all starts with the first chat. You meet with your broker and discuss what you are looking for in the home of your dreams: location, budget, non-negotiables, etcetera. Pay very close attention to their response.

You don’t want a “yes man” broker who will tell you everything is great and doable. 

What you do want is an honest broker who will tell you candidly whether or not your goals are realistic and if you need to re-evaluate your expectations.

A broker that tells you that everything you want can be wrapped up in a pretty little package and delivered to you doesn’t truly have your best interests in mind. They are making promises which they undoubtedly will not be able to keep, and this will inevitably prolong your searching process.

Getting everything we want, for the price we want, in the place we want, is pretty well near impossible these days, especially in one of the most in-demand cities in the world, Jerusalem.

Because of this, a great broker will sit with you and implore you to refine your search parameters. Are there factors you can compromise on? Can you expand your budget? 

An Honest Broker Opens New Doors

One of the main ideas that CapitIL’s Director of Sales, Ben Levene, relays to the team is the importance of truly understanding who our clients are and what they need.

Once we have this understanding, we are able to open many more doors (figuratively and literally!) to apartments that we feel would be a good fit for you based on your criteria, but not necessarily what you might have had in mind from the get-go.

Sometimes we get clients who have been searching endlessly for months, even years, with other brokers and agencies without any luck, and within 6 weeks we were able to close on an amazing apartment extremely well-suited to them.

Needs Versus Wants

Let’s say you really want a 3 bedroom apartment in the German Colony with a sukkah balcony, elevator, and private parking for around 1 million dollars. Your broker should share with you truthfully that this will be nearly impossible to come by, but there may well be options close to this budget over in Arnona or Katamon.

An honest broker will help you examine your needs versus your wants, and present you with all of the relevant opportunities that fit your criteria. They should also be able to show you previous sales with the same parameters in order to get an idea of pricing, location, etcetera.

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