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Be the first to hear about the latest Jerusalem real estate deals & great off market opportunities!

This bi-weekly email contains some of the best deals in Jerusalem right now as well as informational blogs.

Our intention is to showcase the best deals right now, and we often include offers that are not available anywhere else.

By sending the newsletter out on Sundays and Thursdays, we hope to catch our clientele, many of whom work abroad, on days where they can digest the off-market opportunities.

Updates on Events Across the Globe

The CapitIL Jerusalem Real Estate Newsletter also includes updates on events taking place across the globe.

CapitIL’s director of sales, Ben Levene, travels to many Jewish communities across the globe to inform about the process of buying property in Jerusalem.

Ben talks alongside mortgage advisers, Jerusalem-based lawyers, project managers, and interior designers in a host of locations including New York, New Jersey, Florida, London, and Melbourne.

At CapitIL, we realize it can be a daunting process to buy a property in Jerusalem. We recommend assembling a wide ranging team to make it as seamless as possible.

The events, which feature some of the finest professionals in Jerusalem are, for many, the first step on the journey.

The best place to keep up to date with all the latest events that are taking place is the CapitIL Jerusalem Real Estate Newsletter

Stay Up to Date on all the Latest Real Estate News from Jerusalem

We are honoured that many of our clients that have already purchased property in Jerusalem remain newsletter subscribers, as they keep up to date with all the latest real estate news from the City of Gold.

The CapitIL Jerusalem Real Estate Newsletter continues to grow in popularity and also contains links to our guides to buying property in Jerusalem and other blogs and features.

Jerusalem: One of the Hottest Real Estate Markets on the Planet

As well as providing off-market opportunities and the latest offers, we aim to inform about one of the hottest real estate markets on the planet.

We are witness to staggering numbers in the Israeli market In recent months. There has been a drip feed of incredible numbers from the Israeli real estate market, and in many ways Jerusalem is leading the way.

Consider some of the data released this past week.

The real estate price rises in the fourth quarter of 2021 was considered the craziest in the country’s history.

Over 42,000 transactions took place in the fourth quarter of 2021, the most ever.

There was a 4% rise countrywide in real estate prices. In Jerusalem, along with Haifa, Netanya and Rehovot, more homes were sold in the fourth quarter of 2021, than any other quarter of the past five years.

No Slow-Down Expected in Jerusalem

There are numerous factors that sped up the sale of properties in the final three months of 2021.

They may not all be repeated, but we do not expect a slow down in Jerusalem, simply due to the lack of balance between demand and supply.

Ultimately though, we are witnessing the greatest national comeback in human history and the desire to live in Israel and by extension Jerusalem, is a juggernaut that can't be stopped.

Whether you are buying or selling, eager to rent or looking to invest, we are certain that you will not be disappointed to hear from us every week.

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