Selecting Your Ideal Broker
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Selecting Your Ideal Broker

When choosing a broker, particularly for transactions involving foreign parties, it's crucial to engage the expertise of a skilled realtor. However, comprehending the dynamics of realtor-client relationships remains essential. Your aim is to find a realtor who will advocate for you diligently, while the realtor seeks assurance of your commitment to an exclusive collaboration. While sporadic interactions with other brokers may occur, reputable realtors value clients who prioritize cooperation with them. This mutual understanding forms the bedrock of a symbiotic relationship.

Naturally, this reciprocity hinges on the realtor's performance. If the broker fails to demonstrate adequate dedication or innovative insights, it's reasonable to explore other options. So, looking ahead, how should you proceed with selecting the right broker? Despite the multitude of English-speaking brokers available, what criteria truly matter when choosing a realtor? Let's delve into reasons for excluding a broker from your consideration.


Commission should never be the sole determinant in your choice of broker. While I'm aware of brokers who often offer fees lower than the standard 2% + VAT rate, the crucial factor lies in ensuring you receive exceptional service and the insights of an expert. Opting for a lower fee might save you a modest amount, whether it's $5,000 or $30,000, but making this the decisive factor undermines the importance of securing the best possible deal for you. Whether you're investing in a 5 million shekel or 5 million dollar property, potentially forgoing top-tier service, superior deals, market expertise, and off-market opportunities isn't a prudent trade-off. Commission rates inadequately gauge a broker's true value. So, what constitutes a valid rationale for selecting a broker?


Leverage recommendations from friends, testimonials, conversations with former clients, and insights into the services and expertise offered. However, don't solely rely on the broker's perspective during your interview. Gathering feedback from others is pivotal.


Assess the broker's expertise. Consider their experience, the number of successful transactions they've facilitated, their demonstrable market knowledge, and the extensive insights and connections forged through collaboration with other professionals. A valuable broker doesn't solely focus on the properties they represent. Be wary of brokers prioritizing properties they list, potentially earning double commissions. While lucrative, this practice contradicts my primary goal of matching clients with properties that align with their needs. Providing expertise and service to my clients holds more significance and, in my opinion, fosters enduring satisfaction and relationships with clients.

One of the primary roles of a broker is to understand your needs, educate you about the market, and ensure you grasp what's feasible and realistic. Instead of bombarding you with countless listings, they should utilize their expertise to filter out irrelevant options and provide listings discovered through their connections and diligent efforts. While they can certainly share listings from the multi-list, the ability to uncover off-market properties using close connections and skills is paramount for any experienced broker. Their experience and network with developers and other brokers enable them to present exceptional opportunities you wouldn't come across otherwise.

Retaining a Broker

Central to retaining a broker and committing to a singular professional is a departure from practices in your home country. In the U.S., sellers typically cover a 5-6% broker commission, often shared with the buyer's broker. In Israel, while the structure may seem different, the essence of involving two brokers is to retain a broker that represents you, and by paying a fee it is their duty to represent your best interests.


Leverage this arrangement by selecting an expert. Remember, experts require openness and genuine effort to absorb their insights. If an expert fails to meet expectations, explore other avenues. Nonetheless, investing in a singular broker and nurturing a collaborative relationship often yields more fruitful results. Retaining a dedicated and expert realtor who not only identifies available opportunities but also uncovers off-market prospects adds exceptional value to their service and greatly contributes to a successful purchasing process.

(This article is not data-based but rather based on Ben Levene's personal market experience and opinions. No decisions should be made without thorough due diligence and professional financial advice.)

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