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CapitIL Real Estate Agency was established to serve the current and future residents of Jerusalem looking to buy, sell, rent or lease their homes.

Our team have decades of experience in real estate and from the outset it has been designed with a particular focus on helping English speakers navigate the property market in Jerusalem.

The process of finding or selling a home here can be intimidating, especially if you are based abroad or if your level of Hebrew is not sufficient.

Navigating websites in Hebrew can be tricky as can dealing with agents, owners or tenants who don’t speak your language. That’s where we come in. 

CapitIL has a team of top agents who speak fluent English who are standing by ready to help you. They all have extensive experience in dealing with real estate transactions in Jerusalem so you can have peace of mind that you’ll be in good hands.

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Our Name - 'CapitIL'

When we were choosing a name, we wanted something smart, professional and memorable.

We decided upon a hybrid name that brought together 'Capital' and the international country code for Israel - 'IL'.

Capital has a long association with finance and real estate, referring to financial assets and their value. This reflects our conviction that the property market here in Jerusalem represents substantial value for customers. Both from a numbers and investment perspective as well as the intangible value that many of our clients attach to their properties here by virtue of being able to live or reside in this ancient holy city. 

Adding the 'IL' was important to us so that someone coming across our brand would know immediately that our focus and expertise was in Israel.

Together, our agents have decades of experience in this market and we look forward to being able to do business with you!

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